Spring Maintenance: Your Warm Weather Checklist!

It's the beginning of spring, and we are looking forward to more sun and warmer weather! Spring is the perfect time to think about taking care of some seasonal maintenance on your vehicle to make sure it's ready to transition into the new season. We've provided a few tips on items to check on your vehicle to get ready for spring! To prepare your Ford model for the spring and summer, preview these recommendations by the team at Carmody Ford and schedule a Ford service appointment here in Greenwich, N.Y. today!
Warm Weather

  • Check Wipers & Lights - If you need a bulb replacement or your wipers are in bad shape from the beating they took over the winter, then now is the time to address it. Clear visibility, especially on dark nights, is essential for the safety and security of both you and others.
  • Look at Tire Tread Depth and Uneven Wear -  As soon the ice and snow melts off your tires, check your tires for tread depth. Insert a penny, head first, between two treads. If you can see Lincoln's head, you need to think about replacing your tires. If you see evidence of cracking or uneven wear, bring it to the attention of our technicians during your next visit.
  • Check AC/Coolant System - Despite the late season snow, spring is here and the temperatures will soon rise. Now is the time to make certain your vehicle's A/C is in top-shape and free of any defects. Vital fluids such as coolant and refrigerant can affect the performance of your vehicle. Not being aware of the status of these systems can lead to inefficiencies, unnecessary strain, and eventual mechanical breakdown, not to mention the risk of leaving you stranded without your A/C on a hot summer day.
  • Install Fair Weather Tires - Spring is a season with its own moods - repeatedly showing its nose and then just as easily disappearing. When temperatures begin to hover around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it's a good time to consider making the switch. Winter tires begin to wear out and offer less response as the thermometer rises above this point. Be sure to do a thorough inspection of your fair weather tires before putting them back into service. Schedule a free tire check up with us today!
  • Check Maintenance Schedule - When it comes to your car or truck, routine inspections and regularly scheduled maintenance can be compared to our own regular check-ups with the doctor. These crucial appointments help keep your car in good condition, while checking for any problems or issues that could worsen over time. Catching a small red flag during a routine inspection can prevent major (and expensive) problems down the road, and performing regular maintenance can help extend the life of your trusty vehicle. Check your schedule and set an appointment for any due service asap!

Follow these tips and contact our team to go over additional advice for spring car care with your Ford model today. We recommend scheduling a service appointment to check-over your vehicle and spot potential issues to prepare you for the summer adventure ahead.

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