Winter Maintenance: Your Cold Weather Checklist!

For drivers, the winter season brings its own set of challenges. From frigid temperatures to ice-influenced roadways, it's easy to see why this time of year is more dangerous for travel and daily commuting. To prepare your Ford model for the inclement conditions to come, preview these recommendations by the team at Carmody Ford and schedule a Ford service appointment here in Greenwich, N.Y. today.
Cold Weather

  • Inspect Lights - If you need a bulb replacement or your electric wiring has issues, then now is the time to address it. Clear visibility, especially on dark nights, is essential for the safety and security of both you and others.
  • Replace Battery - Our Ford factory-trained technicians can test your battery's voltage ahead of the winter season, replacing this component if necessary to ensure you aren't stranded in the cold with a dead car.
  • Replenish Fluids - Coolant serves an essential role in keeping your vehicle's engine protected from the effects of harsh winter weather. Ensure that this fluid, along with gasoline and washer fluid, is replenished before proceeding with your journey.
  • Install Winter Tires - If you place an order at our Ford parts center, you can equip your vehicle with winter tires for optimal control this holiday season. The tread on these tires is designed specifically to combat snow and ice, helping you enjoy steady traction and a predictable drive.
  • Carry Emergency Supplies - It's always best to remain prepared. Carry food, warm blankets and first aid materials in case your vehicle breaks down and you're exposed to the cold for longer periods.

Follow these tips and contact our team to go over additional advice for winter car care with your Ford model today. We recommending scheduling a service appointment to inspect your vehicle and spot potential issues this holiday season.

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